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A construction site ready for painting


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Interior Painting

At West Point Painters, we take great pride in our interior painting services. We understand that having your home's interior painted can be a disruptive experience, which is why we take extra care to safeguard your belongings, maintain an orderly work environment, and keep open communication with our clients. Our commitment to providing a smooth and stunning transformation of your living space is unwavering. To find out more about our interior painting services and process, please click below.

living room walls painted blue
Kitchen walls painted blue
Image by Roberto Nickson
A living room ready to be painted

Recent Interior Projects

Morgan Creek

These customers were not happy with the drab colour scheme that came with the house they had just purchased. After a quick colour colour consult between our painters and his designer we were able to pick and apply a beautiful new paint colour to brigint up they're home

White Rock 

For this White Rock beach house the customer simply wanted to refresh the current colour. Although she did not have the original paint we were able to get her a colour match by cutting a small sample off the wall and having it analyzed by computre technology at the paint store. 

Yaletown Loft Windows

Although the walls, ceilings and baseboards had all recently been painted in this unit the windows were dirty and outdated. We were able to clean, prep and respray them black for this client giving her unit a sleek and sophisticated look.

Freshly painted walls with furniture protected

"Great workmanship. The whole process from quote to invoice was straight forward and on budget. We will definitely be working together again."

Mike Michacova

Exterior of home before paint has been applied
Image by Pixasquare
Image by Phil Hearing
completed exterior painting project

Exterior Painting

When it comes to your home's exterior, it's not just about creating a beautiful look or boosting curb appeal; it's also about protecting your property from the elements. At West Point Painters, we understand the importance of exterior painting and how it helps safeguard your home against damage caused by rain and moisture. Our expert team uses high-quality paint and tools to provide a protective and long-lasting finish. To learn more about our exterior house painting services and process, please click below.

Recent Exterior Projects

North Vacouver 

After contrators replaced all the old facia boards on this North Vancouver bungalow our painting crew was hired to prime and paint them. 

Delta Whole 

This house was a complete make over. A truly stunning Transformation. From old tutor boards and dingy garage doors to a brand new sleek and solid look. 

Exterior Staining in Mission

The owners of this home wanted to increase there curb appeal before selling so they hired us to stain and seal some new wood features they added to their home.

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