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Painting Gallery

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Interior Painting Gallery

Selecting the perfect color for your painting project can feel overwhelming, given the abundance of shades available. But fear not, our skilled painters are at your service! Take a look at our stunning interior painting gallery for ideas and see how our team has brought spaces to life with vibrant, bold colors. Whether you need painting services for your home or business, let us assist you in adding a pop of color to your surroundings. Contact us today and let's create a masterpiece with your next painting project!​

Your House Is OurHouse

At West Point Painters we understand that during the painting process, we are guests in your home . Because of this we will always treat your space with the same love and care you do. 

Everything gets 


We will cover all your furniture with painters plastic and drop sheets before any prep or painting begins. All your furniture and floors will always be covered ensuring that your painting project is safe  every time.  

Condo & Strata


We work alongside Strata and condo boards alike to ensure your painting project is always  by the book and as seamless as possible. We understand that your living in a shared community and will respect you and your neighbors space.

Condo apartment ready to be painted

"Great experience. Very professional and efficient. Helped us save time and money while making some suggestions to enhance the final product."

Al lanany

Exterior Painting Gallery


At West Point Painters we always begin each exterior painting project with a pressure wash. This removes all dirt and debris from the deep crevices of your home and allows for the paint to bond better during the painting process.


We at West Point Painters understand that quality matters on both interior and exterior painting projects. We Take just as much care and precision with your exterior painting project as when working on the inside of your home. 

Choosing The Right Exterior Painting Contractor

Choosing the right painting contractor is just as important as choosing the perfect color for your exterior painting project. This is because not all painting companies offer the same level of expertise and attention to detail required to achieve a flawless finish for your residential or commercial property. It's important to choose wisely and rely on a team of seasoned professionals who recognize the significance of providing top-notch results.

Exterior Painting will Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal

Whether you are selling your home, looking to protect your homes from weather or just looking for a change in colour scheme. Painting the exterior will boost your homes curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint will always draw they eye and have your home looking brand new. Call us today to book your exterior painting estimate to boost your homes curb appeal this season. 

We'll Help with Paint Options

Our experts at West Point Painters can help you with suggestions on colour options for your exterior painting project. In the end the final decision is yours to make, but we can always give you advice on what is trending and what paint colours go well with eachother.

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