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Suburban House

Exterior Painting

Shedual Your Free Estimate today. 


Spraying, rolling, brushing we do it all. If it will hold paint we will paint it. Want the same colour? no problem we can match it. Want a new colour? Easy our experts can help you pick one out. Give us a call today and book your free estimate today. 

Painting Doors & Frames

From rolling them out with low capacity sleeves, to spray painting them for that extra fine finish you'll love the way your doors turn out.


Using the finest stains and finishes we will give your wood that beautiful natural look.

Stucco Repairs

Cracks or holes in your stucco? No problem our experts will caulk cracks and fill holes to keep your home insulated and protected.

Exterior Window Painting

Painting your windows and frames is a cost-effective way to give your house a face lift without doing it all.

Door Painting

Are your garage doors an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful home? We can Spray paint them and bring them back to there original beauty. 

Deck and Porch Painting 

Painting your deck can be a painstaking and tedious process leave it to the pro's give us a call, let us take care of it.

Modern House

"Wow just Wow, West Point Painters did a bang-up job painting our place. Everything happened exactly as planned."

David Clemmer

Exterior Painting Process

Freshly painted house in Vancouver with a West Point Painters sign infront of it

Your Estimate 

Shortly after you book an interior painting estimate with us, one of our lead painters will visit your property to conduct the assessment. During this visit, we will evaluate the job and estimate the time required to complete it, the number of painters needed, and the cost of any necessary paint and materials. You can take advantage of our discounts at all major paint stores to help keep costs down. We will promptly provide you with an estimate based on these factors after our visit.



Our focus during the estimation process is customer-oriented, and we consistently offer suggestions on ways to reduce your expenses.

Use our discounts

We hold accounts with all the primary painting stores, and we extend our discounts on paint and supplies to our esteemed customers.



In case you don't have any leftover paint or a color code, worry not. As long as you have a workable sample, we can match any color of your choice.

Preperation & Protection

At West Point Painters, we prioritize protecting your property before we start any exterior painting work. That means we take great care to cover any necessary surfaces, outdoor furniture, or other delicate items. We approach the exterior of your home with the same level of care as we do with the interior. Once we're finished with the protective measures, we proceed with the necessary preparation work. This includes filling in any cracks with caulk, performing essential repairs, and sanding surfaces as needed.

exterior Vancouver hose ready for paint
before picture of exterior painting project
A garage door being painted

Painting & Application

Once everything is safe and ready we will begin to apply the paint and or stain to the exterior of your property. We always try to use airless sprayers when painting outside as this process speeds up the process and takes less manpower, in turn saving you money. However, should the conditions not be right this all of our painters are talented with both a brush and roller.  

Quality Inspection & Cleaning 

Before taking down the protection our lead painter will do a final inspection to see if anything was missed and validate that our quality standards have been met. Once the job site has been approved we will begin taking down any masking materials and begin to clean. After the crew has left the lead painter will do a final walk throuh with the customer to insure everyone is happy.

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