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The Best Paintbrushes for Interior Painting

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Paintbrushes made by Zachary Brushes

As a professional Painter with +10 years in the field, I have tried pretty much every brush sold by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and many hardware stores. Here are 3 reasons why I know that Zachary Brushes makes the best brush I have ever used.

2 paint brushes made by Zachary brushes

While it may not be immediately apparent, a painter who knows their stuff understands that keeping a brush clean is crucial for its longevity. This is because when a brush is not properly cleaned, paint can accumulate both inside and outside of the bristles.

When paint builds up on the outside of the brush, it not only looks unattractive but also acts like a magnet for more paint, which can limit the brush's flexibility and cause drips when painting. However, the real issue arises when paint builds up on the inside of the brush.

This can cause the bristles to lose their flexibility and splay outwards, rendering the brush unusable for painting. The Zachary brush is one of the few brushes that I have used that can be completely cleaned of paint without the use of harsh chemicals adding to its longevity and cost-effectiveness.

All of the different paintbrushes made by Zachary Brushes

2. Flexibility

If you were to spend enough time in a paint store, you would notice professional painters taking the cardboard cases off the brushes and pressing the bristles against their hands or a surface to test for flexibility.

The flexibility of a brush is crucial, as it determines the level of detail that can be achieved. Soft flex allows for greater manipulation of the bristles, making it ideal for painting 3D spaces and high-detail areas. However, a brush that is too flexible can be difficult to use, especially for novice painters.

In my opinion, the Zachary Unique Soft Flex strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and stiffness, making it the best brush for painting. Zachary brushes have found the sweet spot of flexibility, or what I like to call the "Goldilocks spot" - not too stiff, not too soft, but just right - which is why I believe it's the best brush company out there.

The royal collection by Zachary Brushes

3. Durability

In my professional opinion, the durability of Zachary brushes is what sets them apart from other brush companies. While cleaning is important, and it's impressive that their brushes clean so well without harsh solvents and chemicals, any brush can be cleaned that way. However, Zachary brushes using some kind of sorcery or alien technology have somehow found a way to make their brushes not only extremely flexible but also durable.

Most high-flex brushes after a few hours of work will start to bend in shape, especially when left in a can for an hour or so. Zachary's brushes do not bend even after a whole day of use or being left in a can. I personally have never seen this with any other paintbrush and because of this will probably never use another brush as long as I am a painter.

Zachary Brushes Logo

In conclusion

After over a decade of professional painting experience and trying out countless brushes, I can confidently say that Zachary Brushes is the best brush company out there. The combination of their brushes' cleaning ability, flexibility, and durability makes them stand out from the rest. With the Zachary brush, a painter can achieve excellent detail work, which is essential for high-quality painting jobs.

The brushes can be cleaned easily without harsh chemicals, which helps maintain their longevity, ultimately making them more cost-effective. Additionally, their brushes' unique soft flex strikes the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, providing the painter with the control and precision needed for every painting job.

Finally, Zachary brushes' durability is unparalleled, and they can withstand extended use and even being left in a can for hours without bending. In my professional opinion, Zachary Brushes has set the bar high, and I would highly recommend their brushes to any painter looking to elevate their craft.

To Read more about Zachary brushes or order some of their products follow the link below:

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